I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from all different backgrounds.
Here is what some of my clients say about working with me.

  • Through this journey, I have learned and grown so much - which is still sometimes (deliciously) astonishing!! I have absolutely no doubt that if it wasn't for Sue's calm, focused, completely open and non-judgemental approach I wouldn't be here. Throughout she kept me thinking, reflecting, (checking in and questioning) and then with confidence - in the beauty and strength of my own self - making better choices and moving forward. For most of my life (I'm 56 now) I've been crushed under the cruelest "recording" in my brain about my worthlessness. Over the years I've struggled with the wrong "fixes" (mostly wine) and have mostly never dared to have respectful self-boundaries. No more! That "recording" had been deleted - and a new one of love and abundance plays in its place. I've completely recalibrated my relationship with wine and nowadays I stand tall and dignified in the peaceful knowledge that I am a loveable person and respect is something that should be given naturally. Not something I have to beg for and then feel uncomfortable accepting. Best of all - I feel light and happy in my own skin. Laughter is always just about to bubble out of me and every day I reflect on how good my life is. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Jane S.
  • Safe, unjudged, heard, free to be myself -and in fact, 100% encouraged to be her in every single (authentic) way. Challenged (not in a scary way-but in a way that felt good, positive and safe) to step into myself. Challenged (again this could also read- encouraged with purpose and power) to examine and reflect on myself, my choices and my beliefs about who I thought I was, and who I actually am. At each of our meetings I would arrive wondering if I had any more space to grow, and each time I would realize that I was still growing, still embracing life and unimagined changes. I have now come to understand that this is my new “normal”. This is how I am supposed to travel through life…always growing, always discovering and always seeing today through new, expectant eyes filled with gratitude and a deep sense of peace about how my world is and how I am meant to live in it. Thank you!

    Kinnie B.
  • Sue is grounded and real and has a great outlook on being healthy. She has an easy way about her, can find a laugh and respects where I am and the experiences I've had. Working with Sue is transformative.

    Trudi G.
  • Sue is a good listener and was attuned to my emotional state which made it easy to talk to her and explain my issues. I found the sessions that were in-person were more valuable than the sessions via video call. It is just my preference to talk with somebody in person. When working with Sue I was reminded that I am the only person that can make myself happy and looking to others to fulfill my happiness was not leading me where I want to go. I felt safe, understood and supported.

    Lisa M.
  • I felt Sue had a strong ability to support & help me with my issue. What I appreciated most was her empathy. She made me feel like she could relate. There was no judgement. There was always focus on deeper lying issues and bringing focus on things I may not have thought about.

    Anita L.
  • I felt comfortable with Sue from the beginning. She was very easy to open up to and I really enjoyed the personal touch she added in by including some of her own experiences. It helped with a wonderful connection. By working with me to really push through some of my excuses , I was able to make some changes. Sue helped me feel a strong sense of connection, felt understood, supported and encouraged. During one particular assignment that we did, for the first time in my life I felt physically beautiful. Such a touching and memorable experience. I really enjoyed working with Sue.

    Donna D.