You Won’t Hear Me Saying The “R Word” This New Year


So Much Pressure !

A year is ending a new one is beginning !

What to do, what to change !

Frankly, I am not a fan of New Year Eve Celebrations.  I always feel I would rather not celebrate the supposed end of something by waking up the next day, to the new, hung over.

What a way to start out something new…..already not really up to it or into it.

There are many changes we all like to think we will make at the beginning of a new year.  You won’t find me making any big statements about how I am going to change things.

The one thing I have learned over the past few years is that belief in, and a dedication to routine and a trust in the process is the key to success.

That doesn’t have to happen at any particular time of year.

Health and wellness are always on people’s minds at this time of year, particularly after a few weeks of indulging in parties and rich food.

For sure I am a huge advocate of getting yourself in the gym.

Never mind the weight loss aspect of it.   That will be a bonus.

Think about how it will affect your mental wellness.

Your personal feeling of wellness.

The mental health benefits are so huge for anyone who has to deal with depression or anxiety on a regular basis.

The benefits of feeling strong internally as well as externally are limitless.

How you think about yourself and how you react to others, changes when you adopt a different attitude to you own progress and wellbeing.


There is no advantage to waiting to January 1st to embrace opportunities or the possibility that there is something more we can do for our health and/or happiness.

There is no magic in that date that is going to make us more or less likely to follow through with some change we think we want to make.

In fact if we truly believe we are going to start something new January 1st, we better have been thinking about it long before then and have a plan of action that is going to set us up to succeed.


2018 has been such an amazing year of change and of growth and opportunity for me.

There has definitely been some sadness and stress. I am not going to lie, the passing of my ex husband from  Alzheimers and  more so, the loss of my brother from cancer, really hit me more than I expected

The realization that now I am the only one responsible for my 95 year old mother and her wellbeing as well as my kid’s only parent still alive, became a stress that manifested itself for me as physical pain.

Did you know that your emotional pain can show up as sore joins or muscle spasims or a variety of other ailments?

At first I just thought I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder but when the ailment just shifted to the other shoulder when the original one was fixed, it made me stop and really think about it.

Taking the time to get myself back in alignment has also allowed me to look at the events of the past year with a vision of gratitude.

Instead of looking at all the thing we will miss out on by not having those special people around, we can look at the gifts and the lessons that those people gave to us while they were here.

We can take on the responsibility of honoring them by living the lessons they gave us.


For those of you that are so glad the past year is over, stop and really think about all that you have learned from every experience you have had.

Every event in our lives has a lesson and a gift if you will, even if it seems to begin with that it is just all bad.

Sometimes if we can be open to it, by listening to the lessons, we can find our way to a new way of being which is really where we were meant to be going all along.


The Possibility that 2019 can build on that truly excites me.  The things I have started to put in place, are works in progress, and I will continue to see where this Adventure leads me.

The thought that you can step up and step forward into anything that comes your way, the idea that opportunity is going to be knocking and it is up to us to accept it or not.

The idea that anything is possible if we choose to believe it is what pushes me forward.

You might just be surprised by the arms that are there to support you and help you find your way.

There doesn’t need to be a specific date just get yourself going.

Once you do, Buckle Up !   It is going to be an exciting ride.


WELCOME 2019 !




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