When we go back to the beginning of listening to our hearts

This Canada Day I am celebrating the beginning of  38 years of listening to my intuition without question. The choice to listen without doubt, led to this picture being taken seven months after that particular Canada Day.

I have always moved through life doing my own thing, expressing my creativity in different ways.  I was very shy and uncomfortable in settings where I didn’t know people. Not a big party person  I am still not big on hanging out with large groups who I don’t know, but few people would think of me as shy these days. I have always liked to be my own boss and have always chosen the type of work that allows for flexibility and my creative input.

So how did I get to be that person who no longer worries too much about what people think about the things I do and is willing to trust that what my intuition is telling me is the right thing to do?

Well it really did start in the spring of 1980. I had always listened to the things I was hearing, thoughts that were clear. No I wasn’t hearing voices in my head talking to me …….. well not really.   It started with the occasional  “you are going to land on your ass if you walk down that slippery ramp” and then the slip and a few things like that.  Then in May of 1980 I had an extremely vivid dream.

Usually when we dream it is a conglomeration of things we talked about or experienced in the days or weeks before. the people in the dream are always people we have seen, met or talked to before, people we have somehow connected to. This dream proved to be a little different. I saw someone I had never seen before. I looked at him straight in the face. there was no doubt that we had never met before anywhere. Weird and rather unsettling to say the least.

Fast forward to July 1st and there I was doing a bunch of stuff I hated.  A co-worker and friend really wanted me to meet this guy….ugh worst thing ever being set up by your married friends.  We were going to a bar-b-que where I knew only 3 people…… shy person social anxiety alert !  I was going to have to have conversations with strangers!    And yet something made me say yes I would go. So I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and listened to my intuition that was telling me I had to do it.

The Intro went like this….. set up guy standing on deck with his back to me, called by friend to be introduced to me, set up guy turns around ……..and well set up guy  actually was the dream guy.  I did do a cartoonish double take, I was so shocked.  To make a longer story short, I walked away from that house that night certain that I was going to marry that person… not a doubt in the world.  It was what I was meant to do. It was like meeting your soul mate and recognizing them.

Twenty years and two kids later, after many adventures we were done.  It doesn’t matter why, lets just say I have a whole comedy act I could do on the ending.                     Regrets?       None.

I truly believe that when one door closes another one opens in a positive direction if you let it.  If I had not listened to my intuition on that Canada Day in 1980 I would not have the amazing life I have today.

All roads have not always been smooth and stress free but they have always pushed me forward and connected me with the people that needed to be in my life. My path has taken me places physically and emotionally that I would never have expected to go.      Always with a positive outcome even if at the time that might have seemed hard to believe it would be so. I don’t expect that to be changing any time soon.

I feel in alignment with my soul most of the time, and can tell if something is a “Hell No” or a “Hell Yes” for me. Sometimes there just needs to be a bit of redirection for it to be full on.

These days there is a whole lot of ‘Hell Yes” going on in my life.

Riding the Freight Train of Awesomeness into a future full of heavy weights, big competitions and opportunities to help people change their lives in a positive way.

Happy Canada Day !


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