Stepping Up And Saying Yes To Opportunity Can Bring Some Fantastic Results

I like to try new things. I have a bucket list of people I want to meet, of places I want to go and events I want to take part in. Up until a few years ago I had a fairly modest bucket list. Once I realized that we really do have control over what we achieve, who we inspire and how we can show up each day if we are open to opportunities, things have changed. My bucket list includes meeting the people that inspire me as well as taking part in events that I wouldn’t have thought of doing six or more years ago.

This Friday I had the opportunity to drive down to Seattle (a 3 hour drive each way) and check off a Bucket list item. Now most people would say I am crazy to drive that far just for the afternoon so I could meet someone I admire and then drive back home. Six hours of driving just to meet someone and tell them they inspire you to be better than you were yesterday.

Well if you have followed me at all you know I am not like most people.

I have been following Girls Gone Strong and Molly Galbraith for awhile now. They have generously re-posted a few of my lifting videos. I have also been included in the GGS Strong Women Lift Each Other Up Facebook group which is an inclusive group to say the least, filled with women from all over the world.

I had the opportunity to go to Seattle and meet Molly as well as take part in a workout and Friday night get together at FUELhouse gym in the Fremont area of Seattle.

Of course I was going to go. No idea what the “workout” was going to be but I am usually game for trying something different and how could I pass up the opportunity to not only meet Molly but also all the other amazing women who would be there that were connected through GGS.

Well the little work out proved to be a a lot bigger than I thought. I usually am working on specific lifts and only occasionally take part in a boot camp type class. But as I said I am always up to try something new.


Yikes that was hard but also So much fun and such at great group of women. Fuelhouse Gym is a pretty fantastic place and worth checking out if you are in the Seattle area.


Here we are. I look like I am going to pass out from all the dead lifts I did, but never the less I wouldn’t have missed it or the opportunity.

What did I go home with? So many new connections with people who think similarly to me. I met one of the people who inspires me, and with the renewed knowledge that we really can achieve the things that we set our mind on. I just have to remind myself that I am 64 and maybe I should plan on giving myself some recovery time the next day. ????Or perhaps plan on staying overnight next time.

Next up? Getting over to the Olympic peninsula and meeting my IG friend Margaret in person.

Life is too short to miss out on meeting inspiring people who come into your world.

What have you missed out on because you just didn’t take the opportunity that presented it self?

We have to just go after it don’t we ?


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  • Lynnis

    This is so great!!!! Many, many congratulations to You for seeing this through to birth. It’s your usual ALL IN approach which is of course always a huge success. Way to go once again!!!!

    • Sue Spencer

      Thanks Lynnis ! I am realy happy with how it turned out. now to just figure out how to use the Dashboard 😉 I will get it !

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