Letting Go of Control Changes Everything

Control, Yes we all like to have it. Most of us like to feel we have control so many parts of our lives.

It somehow seems to be the thing we are supposed to do, how we get ahead, achieve our goals, become successful. How we can make sure everything around us goes according to our plan,

Well what if we just let go of our obsession with control and followed where life took us

I have spent quite a bit of the last 6 years trying to let go of my need to control many parts of my life. I feel like I am pretty successful most of the time.

Now you might be wondering What all this has to do with the picture I have used of myself, mid lift from a weightlifting competition .

Well here is the thing…….there is a certain point in my lifts, around the spot where I was when the picture was taken, when, if I have used enough drive, it will be moving properly in a straight line and I should be letting go of trying to control the bar and allow it to become weightless as I get under it. There are  times when I have done it correctly and the feeling is pretty fantastic when it is done right.

Well I think that the thought of lifting without trying to control the bar,  applies to so many areas of life,

I can say that I follow my intuition now and listen to what my heart or my gut tells me rather than what my head (judgemental mind) says to do when it comes to making decisions.

I have allowed myself to be open to opportunities and the possibilities that come with them. That change in thought has been life changing and has led me in completely new directions I never would have dreamed of.

In saying that I am also aware that I really like to be self sufficient and like to think I can do it all myself.  I like to think that if I think i can well then obviously I can. that is the part of control I have a hard time giving up.  realizing that just because I am capable doesn’t mean I have to do it.

As I am moving into a new chapter in my life, starting new things I have never done before, taking chances I have never taken, giving up control to people who are better at something than I am, it is all kind of scary.  Trusting that I can just go with it and it is going to be exactly where I need to be is a big leap of faith.

I am not really worried, my gut tells me that it is the right thing to do. This path I’m on is the right one.

Back to controlling that bar.

That is a good example of my mind controlling my outcomes. The mind is not always confident it can trust that a hundred pounds being flipped over head is going to end well……….I’m working on that one.

It appears to me that we have to be willing to give up control in order to actually gain the right kind of control in our lives


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