How Important Is A Regular Morning Routine Really?

There is so much information out there right now telling us we need to start our day in a particular way.  There are lists of five habits of highly successful people, seven habits to start your day right and make your morning routine the start of a positive day and on and on.  Is it really important, and doesn’t it just take too much time in the morning when I could be sleeping?

If you listen to podcasts or read motivational books, you have probably come across Tim Ferriss or Robin Sharma or  Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuck and what they have to say about transforming your day by starting it with a regular routine.  These are highly successful people who started by just trying to figure it out. It is hard to relate sometimes when we think of our lives, and how a simple morning routine could change things for us, perhaps even the way it has for them.

When I first started on my  journey to transform my health and life, I was really just feeling lucky to keep a  routine of getting up a bit earlier and hitting the gym on a regular basis never mind adding anything more to the start of my day.

Of course things change and become easier as we do them more consistently. I do have a morning routine that I follow.  I keep adding to it and adjusting it. More recently  I have begun to take a few moments and read a bit of daily inspiration from Robin Sharma’s book. “Daily Inspiration from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” every morning while I wait for my coffee to be ready. I am still working on being able to write in a journal in the mornings. I can form the thoughts in my head but not consistently get myself to write them down. for now I am OK with that. For consistency and habit to happen it takes repetition and I am working on that.

I am in awe of these very public figures who have figured it out and no matter how successful they are, their morning routine is what makes their day work.

But what about all of us regular folk who are just starting out. Is it really possible to build a consistent morning routine that will help us build and grow our Business?  Can we actually follow the examples that we listen to and be successful?

I think it is possible, and I have had the pleasure of watching Paul Marlow ,my personal trainer, do just that. I have watched Paul change his routine and focus over the years that I have known him.  It is evident to me that the consistency of effort and drive to succeed has been positively impacted by having the discipline of a regular morning routine.  He recently posed a video on YouTube  which explains how and why he starts his day the way he does.

Paul is just one of the young entrepreneurs I have encountered recently who inspire me to get my shit together just a bit more each week. To realize that routine and consistency are not bad for you….if fact they allow you to be much more creative than you thought.

So obviously the big guys have it figured out and we can too.

To answer the question……….In my opinion YES a Regular Morning Routine is Important !

Make it a routine that works for you and build on it. Experiment with what works, change what you need to be changed  and be willing to give it time to become habit.

I am not completely there yet, but I can see that the steps I have taken, have already transformed my life.

I am working towards it just being what I do, who I am,  not a list of some things I have to tick off as being done each morning.

In the end, a Morning Routine does not mean rigidity, it actually means Freedom.

That is my Goal


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  • Anne Lucas

    Congratulations on your website Sue. Its lovely. I wish you every success possible with you’re coaching. I so admire the people in our age group who are pushing out the boundaries of age expectations and getting out there showing others whats possible.
    All the very best. Anne Lucas ( Australia)

    • Sue Spencer

      Thanks Anne ! I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

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