Five Meditation Suggestions To Help A Beginner Get Started.

Learning how to make meditation a regular part of your day is a bit of a challenge for the beginner.  It does take patience to be comfortable with it.

Did you know that meditation has been shown help relieve stress or the perception of stress?

There are so many benefits for your mental and physical health, that it is worth persevering and searching out a few easy to follow you tube videos or apps that will make it easier to add meditation to your day.

I have put together a collection: one app and four sites that I have found very helpful as a beginner, and hope you will find them helpful as well.

The Big #1   This is my absolute favourite.

The app I found to be the best and the one I use regularly is called  Headspace .  You may have seen the little cartoon man on social media.

I asked a number of people for recommendations and this name always came up.

Headspace is possibly the best meditation app out there with such a huge variety of topics. It covers everything from Physical Health, Life Challenges, Work and Productivity, Personal Growth, Stress and Anxiety and many more.

The person who narrates the meditation (I like to think his name is Nigel) has a very calm and pleasant voice.

Headspace not a free app, there is a yearly subscription, but the Good News is, they almost always have a very good rate right around Christmas time and into the beginning of the New year.

There are a number of meditations you can try for free before you commit so you can be sure that you like it. I have to say that it didn’t take me long to realize that the value I received would be well worth the price of the subscription.  It is nice to have this on your phone and you can load it onto any of your other devices and access everything with your login.

I really wanted some free meditations and slightly different than what Headspace seemed to provide so I went to You tube and found some really amazing sites that had a variety guided meditations.  Many of the meditations can be found on multiple sites but these are the ones that I found most convenient to use.

I would like to share them with you.

#2  For connecting to your higher self and an abundant life

The first one of these that comes to mind is Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation.  Bob Proctor has many great videos but the Abundance was highly recommended by others, and really stood out for me. Great for visualizing your future and really mapping out in your mind what you want to achieve.

abundance bob proctor

I tried listening to it at night which I would not recommend. I would start listening and then suddenly realize it had finished. Initially i thought huh I thought there was supposed to be more…..then I realized I had fallen asleep even when he kept saying “you will only hear my voice you will not fall asleep”. Well Bob you obviously didn’t expect to have me listening to you !  This is a great Guided meditation just do it sitting in a chair and you will get a lot out of it. He recommends you do it 30 days in a row.  I did do that and now usually listen to it once every few days during my lunch break. This particular meditation is really well known and if you search this on YouTube it comes up on many channels.

I like the idea of guided meditation and I really like the idea of doing it at night before I go to sleep.  Your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious mind stays receptive to the ideas and thoughts shared in the meditation.  I have two that I really love that are made specifically to use while you are going to sleep.

#3 is for you Athletes

The first one is a Bedtime Winning Sports Performance Guided Meditation that you are meant to fall asleep listening to. This one is by miraclemeditations check out their YouTube Channel

winning sports performance_2018-01-07-11-28-45-1

I really love this one, and the woman, (I like to call her Margery) who does the meditation has a great voice.  I listen to this every other night and find it helpful.   There is also a daytime version that I occasionally listen to on the weekends.

It might seem silly at first, but I think the voice of the person in the guided meditations is important.

#4   If you are an entrepreneur and looking for something related to prosperity and building your business then this is a great one.


Oh Margery !  You get around ! This night time meditation is also voiced by the same person and has the same format as the sports performance ones.

I found this one on Silence Mind, I really like it and the way they use repetition of phrases seems to be beneficial. Night time meditation for Prosperity

They have a variety of meditations so check them out to see what matches your interest.

#5   I like some of the meditations from the site called Dauchsy. A fairly big variety of meditations can be found here. You just have to search for what your particular interest is.  I am not always a fan of the voices of the people narrating the meditation,


There really is quite a bit out there. If I have made it a little easier for you to get started, great.

Now back to Headspace !

I  become a Big Fan of  Headspace. there is so much to choose from.  What actually really prompted me to subscribe is the very good training meditation decks that they have.  Easy to use, all in one place and a great way to start or finish my day.  When you don’t know how to meditate it is fantastic to have the basics explained and  someone to guide you through the process.

orange-breathing-character-headspace dd9acb0bd7c7008a5e56799cd380fcc7

Just Breathe.

Meditation ………….. I am learning that it is good for the Body, Mind, and Soul



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