Authenticity Is The Answer

As I get deeper into the pursuit of becoming a physically stronger and more focused person through my Olympic weightlifting training, and starting my new career path working with men and women who are ready to make some life changes, I have learned a few things.

It occurs to me that many people, myself included, talk a good story but don’t always fully commit to doing what they say they believe.

I have been spending some time really thinking about who I showed up as in the past. Who am I actually now, and how does that reflect on the people I am attracting into my life.

I often ask myself, “Do You really Own Who You Are”?    Are You truly showing up as your Authentic Self?

Most of the time now, the answer is Yes!  Absolutely !

It has not always been that way for me and most of us struggle to be consistent with allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to reveal that true part of us.

For all those entrepreneurs out there, I believe this is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.

Sometimes I think we have to stop, take a step back, and look at where we are in life.

Who influences us and who would we like to be influencers and mentors for. Who do we connect with and why?

I am pretty sure that almost every time it is because of how they make you feel

Any journey of transformation should peel back the layers to reveal our best most authentic self. It is not always comfortable to do and easy to slide back to what was familiar.

The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others can contribute or hinder our success in any area of life.

Do we actually believe and practice all those things that we tell our clients, or post on our Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or write about in our blog?

Is it all or mostly true, or as my friend Sam would say “Are you just polishing a turd?”

Are you being your “Authentic Self”?

Did you re-do your Instagram story 15 times before posting so it would LOOK Authentic and Natural? Or, are you sharing a part of the real you that will benefit others.

We have to stop saying what we think people want to hear unless it is what we truly believe and do on a regular basis.

A balance needs to be found that connects everything together in a way that is authentic

We need to just decide what is important to us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and find a way that we are able to honour that each day. And to honour it in others as well.

I like to think that while I am quite different from many of my peers, I am really not so different at all.  Everyone is looking for a true connection in some form.

In the end, the people we connect most with are the ones who can see part of their story in our story, or a way we can help them to change their story or ours.  Most people want to feel heard, and connected to someone who is authentic.

There is a Gift that can be given when we share our true selves. Sometimes that Gift is just being able to hold space for that other person so that they can feel their voice is heard.

Once we start to make sure we are always centered in our beliefs, we might find the people who follow or engage with us changes.

That is OK because the people we are supposed to connect with are the ones who will continue, or will find us. What we will find is that the positive energy that we put out into the world will come back to us in some positive form.

Sometimes embracing our true self allows us to actually discover our true purpose, and that is a pretty fantastic thing !

If we get this right when we are starting out, we will all keep on the right path going forward.



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