My name is Sue and I started my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle almost 6 years ago. After neglecting my health and wellness for years and realizing I needed to change, I started working with a trainer who specializes in strength training. After losing almost 100 pounds and realizing the strength I had (and have!) at my age, I began experimenting with Olympic Weightlifting which evolved into a passion and love for me. In 2017, I competed at the World Masters Games in New Zealand and brought home a Gold Medal for my age and weight category.

At the age of 64, I’m in a unique position to share the motivation and inspiration I’ve built in my life with others. In the last year, I’ve educated myself and compiled the tools and tactics I need to properly counsel women who are looking to make a transformative change in their lives. I help women discover that they are not too old, and it is not too late to shift their emotional and physical health. My life and mentoring experiences give me the opportunity to help women explore the habits and beliefs that are holding them back from living their best lives.